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Glam up your closet with YOOX

If you caught the MTV VMAs last night, you might be craving a little Shopping Therapy to glam up your closet. 

No worries… indulge at YOOX, because with coupon code SHOPPING20 you’ll get an extra 20% off hundreds of Designer items! Hurry though— much like Cinderella’s carriage, the offer ends at midnight. 

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Facebook ‘Save’ Button Not Unlike PoachIt button


Even the eggheads at Facebook know the power of the almighty button. Just launched, the new “Save” feature will allow you to bookmark posts, photos, and the almighty Buzzfeed “Which Cat Are You?” quiz you just can’t fill out right this moment at work. All this content is stored in a folder that you can peruse at your leisure at a later point.

Sounds cool right?

We’re pretty excited about this is because it reinforces how even while we’re all super busy, we actually don’t overlook details— we want a chance to revisit things that pique our interest. 


And we love buttons. We like to push things and see what happens. The PoachIt button? Same thang. Click it while you’re shopping online and kablammo! Consider those sneaks saved. No extra effort, no sloppy bookmarking. Plus, you know what’s even better than finding out which feline personality is most like yours? 

Finding a coupon code that works

That’s right— just use your PoachIt button to see allllll the valid coupon codes from across the Interwebs. 


So, in conclusion:

1- People love buttons

2- Use the PoachIt button to snap up products. They’ll live in your personal profile, where you can see them all in one place, coo to them, and do a little Price Drop Dance for them while wearing your pajamas backwards. (Or was that what we did for snow days?)

3- When the price drops (and they do, like all the time), you’ll be the first to know.

4- Can’t wait for a sale? That’s cool. We’ll display valid coupon codes for you right on the spot. 

5- Rejoice

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Are you BOULDER than most?

This is Kjeragbolten— a big ol’ rock wedged in a mountain’s crevice in Norway— suspended above a 3,228 feet abyss!


If you’re feeling boulder than most (see what we did there ;)) then shop the great outdoors at Eastern Mountain Sports and enjoy 20% off any full-priced item with coupon code SAVE20 

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I like that they are raising the bar - entrepreneurship is about two things, so I think you see two kinds of styles. First, it’s about being scrappy and focusing on value, not vanity. Hence, folks who eschew and ignore the trappings of fashion: sandals, T-shirts, jeans. On the other hand, we’re all out trying to make the world a better place … Attention to detail matters here, and how you present yourself, your workspace, and your product does fundamentally matter. Personally, I do place a premium on good design & taste – all else being equal, people want to be inspired.

Aaron White, on Banana Republic’s new “The Startup Guy” fashion line.
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Predict the Final Match winners with these coupon codes!

So, we have to admit something.

Our eggheads love the World Cup. 

We’re definitely placing bets on who’s going to win the final match, and American Apparel is making it even more interesting for the shopaholics within us all! 

Use either coupon code GERMANY or ARGENTINA to get 20% off American Apparel basics.

If you pick the winning team, you’ll be eligible to score a $150 gift card!

PLAY BALL! …err you know what we mean.

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Don’t you just love a great Top 10 list?

Look, we know

Bikinis, sandals, skinny jeans and flowy dresses, pop of color here, a sassy accessory there… you want to poach them all! Of course, as your Shopping Sidekick, we insist on saving you lots of money on only the best products the wonderful web has to offer.

So, before you leave for the holiday weekend, take a peek at this summer’s 10 best picks brought to you by our friends at Rank & Style. They release daily rankings of the ten best, buzziest and most in-demand products… think jeans, sneakers, shampoos and beyond based on reviews and popularity… genius! Just click through to live list-fully ever after


Not ready to buy? That’s okay— use your PoachIt button to track prices online!